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The Characteristics And Application Of Alloy Slicer S Tip
- Jan 09, 2018 -

1, the correct sharpening cutting angle and improve the surface roughness: twist drill and reamer, there are similarities. If there are two major cutting edges and minor cutting edges, the minor cutting edge is spiral, with land and chamfer, can increase the smoothness of cutting. As long as the bit cutting angle and surface roughness, with reference to the requirements of the hinge edge to be improved and improved. Basically have a similar hinge edge conditions, so drilling can improve the accuracy of the hole. Grind out the second vertex (22). According to the different processing materials generally 2 ≤ 75 °.

2, to determine a reasonable amount of cutting In the amount of cutting, the greater impact on the hole precision is the depth of cut and feed, the greater impact on the service life of twist drill is the depth of cut and cutting speed. To this end, the cutting depth, cutting speed and feed rate should be controlled separately. Cutting depth: not affected by the size of the hole diameter, all in the hole before drilling to keep the cutting depth of 0.5 ~ 1mm, the roughness is not greater than Ra6.3, in order to avoid large cutting volume, reduce heat, to avoid the impact and vibration, eliminate Cold hardening, improve processing quality and extend the life of the drill.