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Slanting Hole Drilling Technology And Improvement Of High Speed Steel Bit Structure
- Jan 09, 2018 -

In the processing of a military product of the main components - fixed plate (material 45 steel, dimensions 1005 × 7000 × 20mm), the total drilling 1071 φ24mm 30 ° inclined hole, and the hole wall surface roughness Ra6. 3μm. Drilling the workpiece thickness greater than the nominal size of 3mm (left fine planing margin). The following process problems have arisen when using conventional twist drills to perform regular drilling of fixed plates on a Z3550 universal radial drilling machine:

When drilling a 30 ° slant hole with a standard high-speed steel drill bit, the drill bit and drill bit need to be lengthened to reduce the rigidity of the drill bit because of the small included angle between the drill bit and the workpiece. In addition, the drilling bit when the drill bit in a long period of time in intermittent cutting and radial resistance is great, in order to avoid chipping, to ensure the normal processing, you must reduce the amount of cutting, which directly affects the processing efficiency and production progress.

Drilling straight hole, the use of drilling technology can be extended to reach Ra6.3μm surface roughness requirements. However, due to the intermittent cutting and radial resistance, the drill bit always vibrates during drilling. Although the drill sleeve guide can partially reduce the radial resistance, the vibration will still accelerate the drill bit Wear and tear, resulting in high-speed steel bit outer edge chipping, seriously affecting the normal drilling and drilling quality.