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How To Choose The Right Carbide Drill
- Jan 09, 2018 -

First: choose the right machine

Carbide drill bit can be used in CNC machine tools, machining centers and other power, good rigidity of the machine, and should ensure that the tip beats TIR <0.02. The rocker drill, universal milling and other machine tools due to smaller power, the spindle accuracy is poor, easily lead to the early carbide drill damage, should be avoided.

Second: choose the right handle

Spring collet, lateral pressure shank, hydraulic shank, hot shank and so on can be used, but due to fast drill chuck clamping force is not easy enough to lead to bit slip and failure, should be eliminated.

Third: the correct cooling

1. External cooling should pay attention to the cooling combination of the direction to form a ladder configuration, and minimize the angle with the tool.

2. Incooled alloy drill should pay attention to pressure and flow, and should prevent the leakage of coolant affect the cooling effect.