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High-speed Steel Drill
- Jan 09, 2018 -

High Speed Steel Drill bits are used for twist drills The most widely used drill bit for industrial manufacturing, we generally use the high speed steel drill bit. Aspect Ratio of Drill Bits When the craftsperson chooses the most suitable drill bit for a particular hole machining task, Need to calculate the aspect ratio of the drill. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the depth of the machined hole to the drill diameter. For example, the drill diameter is 12.7 mm and the hole depth to be machined is 38.1 mm. The aspect ratio is 3: 1. When the aspect ratio is about 4: 1 or less, the flutes of most standard HSS drill bits discharge the chips removed by the drill cutting edges more smoothly.

When the aspect ratio exceeds the above range, a specially designed deep hole drill bit is required to achieve effective machining. High-speed steel drill standard products are used national standards, and equivalent to the use of international standards. Once the aspect ratio of the machined hole is greater than 4: 1, it is difficult for high speed steel bits to lift chips away from the cutting area and out of the holes, and the chips quickly block the chip flutes. Exit the drill bit, clear the chips in the chip flute, and then re-drill to continue the cutting. The above operation needs to be repeated several times to process the required hole depth. This drilling method is usually called "pecking" method.