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Center Drill Definition
- Jan 09, 2018 -

The user must choose the type of center drill according to the hole type and the hole size of machined parts.

The hardness of the workpiece is processed between 170-200HB the most appropriate.

Tool before use, you must wash the rust-proof grease, so as to avoid cutting chips stuck in the cutting edge.

The surface of the workpiece to be machined should be straight, no blisters or hard points, so as to avoid damage to the tool.

Center hole before drilling to achieve the required position accuracy.

Cutting amount (see picture)

Cutting fluid: According to the processing object to choose a different cutting fluid, cooling should be sufficient.

Matters needing attention: In the processing of anomalies should stop immediately, find out the reasons before processing; pay attention to the wear and tear of the edge of the timely repair; After cleaning the tool to use oil, keep it properly.