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OBS twist drills out the future
- Jan 09, 2018 -

To the best tool only to make a brand that is the largest sales of other products OBS twist drill OBS titanium left drilling, is an automatic lathe hole machining tools, left drill belongs to the category of twist drill it with the largest twist drill The difference is that the different directions of rotation, the general standard twist drills is right-handed, that is, while the automatic lathe spindle is reverse rotation, so in order to main customers we start in 2005 devoted themselves to automatic lathe dedicated left-drilling , After time experience, to a good tool step by step on the right track slowly in the market here in Dongguan automatic lathe tool industry which has quite a reputation, as a professional manufacturer of left twist drill manufacturers for production The biggest drawback of left-hand twist drill is the customer's source. The left-hand twist drill market is totally different from the market of standard twist drills, and the competitiveness is also very different. At present, the best cutter has not been able to go to standard twist drill. Do some non-standard twist drill, as well as agents of Taiwan's imports of Soviet twist drill, to retain and consolidate some potential customers.