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High-speed steel drill bit structure
- Jan 09, 2018 -

A high speed steel drill bit comprising a shank (1) having a tip with two cutting inserts (5, 5 ') on one principal plane (C-C), said cutting insert , 5 ') has a short central cutting edge oriented in a common second plane (E-E). The knife edge forms a point-shaped central cutting edge for entry into the workpiece, and thereby centering of the drill bit. On the arbor, two flutes (6, 6 ') are provided, which extend from the tip to the bottom. In either section along the shank, the flutes are located diametrically opposite each other on the tube plane with the common landfill plane (F-F) of both lands on either side of the tube as 90 ° extension, the arbor has the greatest rigidity in this plane. (HSS bit manufacturer) The second plane (E-E) of the center cutting edge is oriented at an angle of about 90 ° to the main direction of rigidity (F-F) at the bottom of the land or cutter bar.

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