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Automatic lathe drilling center positioning that is better?
- Jan 09, 2018 -

OBS Center Drill is a professional tool for automatic lathe drilling positioning, the material is divided into black center drill, high-speed steel center drill, tungsten steel center drill, cobalt center drill four clocks material, according to the processing of different materials to choose the right Center drill.

Automatic lathe drilling positioning center drill is installed in the center of the material arm with the use of drilling, the meaning of the center drill in general terms can play two points The first point to ensure that the center of the product will not be exactly the phenomenon of partial hole, The second point is to ensure the performance of the tool to reduce the edge of the burst characteristics, so that the life of the tool longer.

In the near future, the best tool also introduced the coating center drill, adding a TIN nano-yellow titanium with high abrasion resistance on the cobalt-containing material, which can effectively process high-hardness materials such as 303, 304, 316 and the like, Alloy, the same price of the same color tungsten steel, the center drilling in many tools which is a very large amount of tools, and choose a suitable center drill has become crucial.